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How Do i Find or Know About a Roof Leak?

If you have a suspicion that there is a leak in your house’s roof, then start your search to find the exact problem causing this leak. Focus your eyes first on every part higher up because of any stains from both sides of the roof.

The most common issue responsible for roof leakage is any penetrations, damage, or holes. Check for these on your roof from the outside, if they are visible or not. Penetration in the roof most probably emerges around areas like plumbing, vents, roof dormers, and chimneys. Look for the part that is placed outward within the roof. It is not completely true that damage only occurs in these areas; it can occur in any roof part. So, it is advised that you run a check through your roof with full precision, so your eyes will leave nothing out. 

After that, you need to follow the next step: visit the house’s attic if possible. Go straight there and take a smartphone or flashlight with you to look for signs of any kind of mould, black spots, dark marks, or any other strange thing that might become the problem.

Try to look for this in the daytime in the presence of sunlight, as more chances prevail this time to spot any defects in the roof. If something is found, then travel upward with the help of the flashlight to the exit point through the hole or damage in the roof. Ensure that the amount of damage is the same by checking in both places, like the frame or underside of the roof. Also, check for any coloured mark that gets stuck because of the moisture and is visible clearly when the climate becomes a bit dry.

To confirm the leaking point, you can switch off the light inside the house and look for the sunlight that keeps coming in through the roof. 

Spotting the Foremost Source of Your Roof’s Leak

Sometimes the case becomes delusional as the hole or damage that you think is the leak point is not the actual point, as the water is travelling from another point and only getting released from that exit. It is true that water falls off the roof and then comes to the point where it is raining, but the original hole is somewhere else on the roof. It happens most of the time, and when people are late in identifying it, it turns out to be major damage to the roof.

If you don’t have access to the attic, then finding the roof leaking becomes tricky enough that you can’t do it easily. So, the easy way here is to find a roof repair service in our area, as they will do it effectively as they are professionals, and it will save you from wasting too much effort and money.

Once you know the tips to spot the roof leak area, it’s your turn to become aware of the 7 methods to complete roof leak repair. These tactics will make your roof a new one, and every fault will be eliminated.

  • 1. Look Out for the Source
    • The first thing you need to consider is exploring that spot that gives water permission to enter your house. If you succeed in finding the same, you will save money and time for yourself. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the mandatory equipment to fix the roof leakage. 
    • To begin, examine the damage and hole in the roof, as it might be the case that several other factors are responsible for the leakage. These comprise heating, cooling, plumbing, and blockage of gutters.
    • Check for the tiles and floor material that lie on the roof to see if the issue resides there or not. Sometimes, the water comes inside the house through the gap between the alignment of the tiles or floor. 
  • 2. Wash and Do the Cleaning of the Area
    • Once you know the area where the leakage is happening, you must clear out that area for cleaning. Confirmation can also be done after cleaning the place where water is dripping from that point. 
    • Cover the extra water by mopping it out. When it’s done, place a bucket under the leakage to collect the water that is falling off. Also, shift your furniture away from where water is coming, as it can make your expensive furniture quite heavy or damage it. You can also cover it with a plastic bag so it remains as it is.
  • 3. Implementing the Layer of Roofing Tar
    • The ideal approach is to look from the exterior side to fix the issue of leakage that happened in the exterior part. The finest method is crucial for keeping roof tiles in perfect shape.
    • Roofing tar is the liquid that seals all the holes when removing any tiles from the roof. After the tiles, just put some of it on; it creates a layer and then acts like a wall that doesn’t allow anything to trespass. When applying this tar, try to support it with plywood or shingles, as it turns out to be more impactful. Another benefit of applying this tar in this area is to make it dry by pushing it hard with the assistance of plywood or shingles.
  • 4. Layering of Polyethylene Plastic
    • To cover the leaks, you can use multiple things that are available on the market. Out of all these, the ideal one is PE plastic, mainly called Polyethylene plastic. It cuts down on the space of the hole from which water is coming inside the house and can restrict the water from going inside. 
    • All you need is a ruler to measure how much PE plastic is used to cover that pothole from the water dripping. However, the advice of a roofing contractor in Florida is to use PE plastic three to four feet more to cover all the leakage-prone areas. There is a requirement to do the nailing to keep the layer of plastic intact; for this, the material used is staples. Ensure to use a layer of plastic as thick as you can to prevent the water from leaking into the house’s interior. 
  • 5. Install new Shingles Over the Roof
    • How good your roof is in terms of its condition depends on the shingles present out there. Inspecting is necessary as water makes its way through the roof when a fault, unevenness, or missing piece of shingles happens. Please remember to wear safety gloves with the intent to make the shingle secure while cutting it down to repair it. Also, wear rubber boots so you won’t slip off the roof when you reach there for the emergency roof leak repair. 
    • Remove the layer of damaged or old shingles with the help of hammer nail removal to remove the pieces of shingles. Besides this, use PE plastic along with the nails to give it a strong temporary solution until you find a permanent solution. 
  • 6. Cover the Roof with Tarpaulins
    • Many instances occur when you see that a storm or heavy rainfall is going to happen and your roof is not in a state to face it. Then, the alternative you can proceed with is covering your house with tarps and putting them where you think some exterior holes or leakage areas exist.
    • Two things mainly matter in choosing the tarp size to cover the whole house. For this, you need to check the roof size and how many leakage spots there are; if there are multiple of them, you need multiple tarps to shield the whole house.
    • When you cover the tarps, anchor them with heavy concrete blocks and take them over from the ridge. It safeguards the house and the roof from stronger winds and heavy rains. In the scenario of facing a mild storm, nails would work out. 
  • 7. Repair and Seal the Joints
    • If joints are vulnerable spots that permit water to flow inside the house, the chances of repairing the roof instantly escalate. Rainwater weakens the chalk and aluminium flashing and enters the dwelling. 
    • These joints are mostly found near the valleys or chimneys; you can move further by implementing any sealant to seal the place. Cement is the best sealant you can use to deal with this situation. But do the check-up twice before applying the sealant so that the place becomes dry and there is no presence of dust or debris as such. 
    • Even if you encounter any of the small holes responsible for leakage, you can take advantage of the sealant available for the larger damage. By making use of it, you can save yourself from more incidents. Besides this, it will also give you the chance to save a lot of money by replacing your roof

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