House is important to give you a sense of safety, security, and joy. This is why you have to do house improvement on a regular basis. This is done to protect your home from all the damage. When we talk about house improvement, the Roof may not come to your mind at first, But it is considered the most important piece of the home exterior, and you must take care of it. So how will you know that your house needs a roof replacement? Let’s learn about it in this comprehensive guide.

Why Should you Choose Roof Replacement?

What are the Signs that your House needs a Roof Replacement?

It is quite difficult to identify when your Roof needs replacement. Thus in this section, we have elaborate 9 most important points that can help you in figuring it out easily.

  • 1. Water Damage or Marks in the Attic
    • Check your Attic and find if there are any leaks or dampness present. You can also check for Moisture marks, grey and yellow strains, and damage in the ceiling, s can also lead to a leaking roof. However, if you can only find a spot on the Roof, you are at the initial
    • stage, and you can easily control the roof damage. Simply call a Roofing contractor near you and ask for the roof inspection. Thus, inspection will help you in knowing the condition of your Roof, which results in saving dollars.
    • Note: You must do the roof inspection of your House every year. 
  • 2. Missing Shingles
    • Missing Shingles means your Shingles are weak, and the adhesive substances holding their bottom just started separating. At this point, just a blowing wind can cause the missing Shingles. But the missing of a single or maybe two Shingles will not create a major
    • problem. But, if there is an improper installation, it can lead to the missing multiple shingles, which might result in damage to the Roof.
  • 3. The Lifespan of your Roof is Completed
    • Every type of Roof has its own lifespan. This is why homeowners must take care of their roofs and check their improvement records to know the time when the roof of their house was last replaced. The average lifespan of any roof is 30 years. But every roofing material has a different time period:
    • Asphalt: 20 years
    • Wood: 25 years 
    • Metal: 40-80 years
    • Concrete or clay: Almost 100 years
    • Slate: 60-150 years
    • Nowadays, you can easily find durable Shingles in the market, but their lifespan depends on many factors like elevation, roof slope, ventilation orientation, and roof slope. However, if a house roof installation is more than 20 years, you must replace it.
  • 4. The Roof has some Exterior Damage
    • Do a Proper roof inspection, and look for any exterior damage. Mainly this exterior damage depends upon the type of Roof you are using for your House. 
    • For example, if you are using Asphalt or wooden roofs, you must look for cupped, clawed, loose, curled, or missing Shingles. Cupping and curling are almost similar. In both of these, the ends of the Shingles peel away from the courses just below them. In contrast,
    • Clawing happens at the time when the center of the Shingles lifts when the ends are still in contact with the Roof. However, in case of damage to metal, slate, rubber roofs, or concrete can leads to cracked or dented areas. All these can occur due to improper
    • installation, poor ventilation temperature, or age issues as well. 
  • 5. Growth of Algae or Moss on the Roof
    • The growth of Moos or Algae doesn’t mean that you have to replace the Roof immediately at the moment, but it signifies that your Roof needs cleaning. Plants and moss can damage your Roof and invite more pests as well. 
    • Thus clean it as soon as you see it on your Roof. Although if you don’t want to do it by yourself, contact a roofing contractor near you. 
    • Note: Moss grows naturally on the Roof and grows onto the water in the weakened Shingles. 
  • 6. Roof Sags
    • Roof Sagging is a sign that there must be some moisture trapped in the Roof that has rotten away the boards. A sagging roof must need to be replaced as soon as possible so that it won’t damage your home further. To know more about it, look at the surface and find if
    • there is trapped moisture, sagging spots, or rotting boards.
    • Note: Check especially at the lowest point of the Roof. 
    • You can identify it by standing back of your house or standing on the street and looking at the House from different angles. Make sure that it looks straight from all sides; this signifies that there is no sagging and slumping in the Roof of your House. 
    • Note: Sagging of roofs can usually be seen in the northern climate, where there is harsh cold. 
  • 7. The Chimney Showing Damage
    • If you have a Chimney at your House, you must be aware of Flashing. It is a roofing material used to water-tight seal the Chimney. Its average life is almost 30 years. However, if it uses get cracked, water can easily enter in your Chimney and then into your House.
    • Hence, you have to keep an eye on that as well.
  • 8. You can see Sunlight
    • If you are able to see the Sunlight from the Attic of your Roof, then your Roof might be in danger. Thus, look at your Attic and search for any kind of damage. Moreover, for clarity, look for the presence of moisture or water strain as well.
  • 9. High Cooling Bills
    • If you are living in Florida, you might have known that to cool a house, a Constant transfer of energy is required. This leads to high electricity bills. Thus there are several practices you can follow for your Roof to reduce high energy bills. 
    •     • Make sure that there are no leaks in your Roofs, as it allows the air to easily escape.
    •     • Use a lighter shade of color for your Roof. 
    •     • Try to utilize reflective roofing materials that can reflect the Sunlight.
  • 10. The Neighbours are Replacing their Roof
    • Almost all the homes around subdivisions are constructed around the same time, with the same material. So, if your Neighbours are replacing their Roofs, you also need to consider doing so. 
    • Note: If your neighbor’s Roof has completed its lifespan, you can look for your Roof as well; thus, call a Roofing expert and invite them for the inspection of your Roof.

Bottom Line!

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